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Full Form Of ISRO - ISRO Full Form, What Is ISRO, ISRO History And ISRO Achievements

Full Form Of ISRO, isro full form, isro

Full Form Of ISRO

Full Form Of ISRO In English

Full Form Of ISRO, isro full form, isro

ISRO full form is Indian Space Research Organisation.

Full Form Of ISRO In Hindi

ISRO ka full form hai -

भारतीय अंतरिक्ष अनुसंधान संगठन

What Is ISRO ?

ISRO is a space research agency which comes under the Government Of India, the function is to do research on space and planetary exploration to fullfill the space technology for the development of the nation.

It's headquarter is located in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

Official Website Of ISRO

Brief History And Achievements Of ISRO.

  • ISRO was formed on 15th August, 1969.
  • ISRO's first satellite was Aryabhatta which was launched on 19th April, 1975 by the Soviet Union.
  • Rohini was the first satellite which was places by ISRO in the orbit by SLV-3 vehicle which was made by India.
  • After that India made another two rocket launchers PSLV and GSLV to launch satellites in geostationary orbit.
Full Form Of ISRO, isro full form, isro

  • On 22nd October 2008, ISRO sent a Lunar Orbiter CHANDRAYAAN-1.
  • On 5th  November 2013, ISRO sent a Mars Orbiter, which was entered on 24th September 2014 in Mars Orbit on first attempt.
  • And recently on 22nd July 2019, ISRO launched CHANDRAYAAN-2 to Moon.
  • ISRO launched 20 satellites in a single rocket on 18th June 2016. And 104 satellites again in a single rocket on 15th February 2017, and creates a world record.

Administrator Of ISRO

K. Sivan Secretary (Space) and Chairperson of ISRO.

FAQs Regarding ISRO

Q - How can I get into ISRO?

To get into ISRO you have to pass 10+2 examination with Physics and Maths (must required subjects). Then get admission in IIST, which is the easiest way to get into ISRO.

Q - Can I join ISRO after 12th?

Yes, you can join ISRO after 12th as an Engineer or Scientist. For that to have to appear and pass in IIST exam.

Q - What are the functions of ISRO?

The function of ISRO is to do research on space and planetary exploration to fullfill the space technology for the development of the nation.

Q - Can we visit ISRO ?

Yes, you can visit Sriharikot to watch live launches and to see their space museum. But if you want to visit SHAR, you must know someone who works there, so that they can take you with them as a visitor with visiting pass.

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