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Full Form Of MLA - MLA Full Form, Meaning, Eligibility Criteria

Full Form Of MLA
MLA Full Form In English
MLA - Member Of The Legislative Assembly

Meaning Of MLA
An MLA is a person elected by the voters of a district to the legislature of the state government in India.
For each district the voters elect's one MLA ( Member Of Legislative Assembly ).

MLA Ka Full Form

Member Of The Legislative Assembly.

MLA Full Form Hindi

'Vidhaan Sabha Ke Sadasya' or ' Vidhayak'
MLA Full Form In Hindi
" विधान सभा के सदस्य "

MLA Ka Full Form Hindi mai

' विधायक '

MLA Full Form In Marathi
' Aamdaar ' or ' Khaasdaar '
Eligibility To Become an MLA
Candidate should not be less than 25 years of age. He/ She must be a voter of that district. The person must be a sound mind person. He/She must be a citizen of India. A person must be an elector for any Legislative Assembly constituency in that state according to the Representation of the People Act, 1951.A person cannot remain an MLA if that person has been convicted …

MBBS Full Form - Meaning, Duration, Eligibility, Admission, Syllabus

Full Form Of MBBS
The Full form of MBBS is Bachelor Of Medicine, Bachelor Of Surgery.

MBBS In Latin - Medicinae Baccalaureus Baccalaureus

Meaning Of MBBS

MBBS is two medical degree ( Bachelor Of Medicine, Bachelor Of Surgery ) which is awarded by the medical schools, colleges or universities for the successful graduation of a practitioner or a student in that course.

Equivalent Medical Degrees ( MD and DO )
Full form of MD or Full form of MD in doctor or MD full form is
Doctor Of Medicine.
Full form of DO or Full form of DO in doctor or DO Full form is
Doctor Of Osteopathic Medicine.
Course Duration
Course duration of MBBS is of 5.5 years, in which 4.5 years is of academic education and compulsory 1 year of internship. And it is a graduation level degree.

Eligibility Of MBBS
The eligibility criteria of the course is, student have to pass the 10+2 examination with atleast 50% marks in physics, biology and chemistry with english language. And age between 17 years ( lower limit ) to 25 y…

Ketogenic Diet - The Ultimate Guide For Weight Loss

Ketogenic Diet - The Ultimate Guide For Weight Loss What Is Keto Diet or Ketogenic Diet
There are several names for this diet like ( keto diet, ketogenic diet, high fat diet, low carbs diet and etc ). In ketogenic diet we have to consume food that contains low amount carbohydrates, high amount of fats and moderate protein. Let's make it simple so that you can understand better ( 70-75% Fats, 20-25% Protein and 5 or less than 5% Carbohydrates).

So, our meal should consist of
70% Fats, 25% Protein and 5% Carbs to follow a perfect Ketogenic or Keto diet.

How Does Ketogenic Diet Work
When we consume low carbs in our diet, then the body is induced into a stage called ketosis process. Ketosis is a process which helps our body to survive when the food intake is low. At this stage our body generates ketones form the breakdown of fats in our liver which will be used as a source of energy in our body that helps us to survive.

Benefits Of Ketogenic Diet
Well there are many benefits or adva…